Présentation de N. Brügger 29/11 ASAP

An outline of a typology of media events and their impact on web archiving: Dayan & Katz revisited

In his presentation Niels Brügger presented a theoretical framework for understanding media events, in general and in relation to today’s digital media, including web. The presentation takes Daniel Dayan & Elihu Katz’ seminal book from 1992 _Media Events — Live Broadcasting of History_ as a starting point.

Niels Brügger is Professor in Internet Studies and Digital Humanities, Department of Media Studies, Aarhus University, and head of the Centre for Internet Studies, and of NetLab. He has since the late 1990s worked with web history and the methodological and theoretical challenges related to the use of archived web as a source. He is co-founder of the new international journal Internet Histories.

Voir la Presentation vidéo-projetée.